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South of Nowhere [Todas temporadas 1, 2, 3]


Idioma: Ingles con subtitulos en español latino incorporados.
Tamaño: 185MB (Promedio de todos los capitulos)
Formato: AVI (Xvid)
Hosting: MU
Capitulos: 40

Primera Temporada

01×01 Secret Truths
01×02 Secret Truths (Parte 2)
01×03 Friends, Lovers, Brothers, and Others

01×04 Put Out or Get Out
01×05 First Time
01×06 Girl’s Guide to Dating
01×07 Friends With Benefits
01×08 Under My Skin
01×09 Shake Rattle & Roll
01×10 Say it Aint So, Spencer
01×11 What’s Just Happened?

Segunda Temporada

02×01, 02×02 The Morning After
02×03 Behind the Music
02×04 Guess Who’s Coming Out to Dinner?
02×05 Rules of Engagement
02×06 That Is So Not Mom
02×07 Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
02×08 That’s the Way the World Crumbles
02×09 Objects May Be Closer Than They Appear
02×10 Love and War and Love and War
02×11 Love, Child and Videotape
02×12, 02×13 Too Many Girls, Not Enough Aiden/Trouble in Paradise

Tercera Temporada

03×01, 03×02 The Valley of the Shadows/Can’t Buy Me Love
03×03 The It Girls
03×04 Spencer’s New Girlfriend
03×05 The Truth Hurts
03×06 Fighting Crime
03×07 Saturday Night is for Fighting
03×08 Gay Pride
03×09 Career Day
03×10 Spencer’s 18th Birthday
03×11 A Very Inconvenient Truth
03×12 Love and Kisses
03×13 Better Late Than Never
03×14 Past, Present, and Future
03×15 Taking Seconds
03×16 On the Precipice

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  1. arly says:

    sera que puedes resubir los links????
    Estan todos caidos!
    Gracias, por cierto excelente aporte

  2. trole says:

    links borrados, podrian resubirla?

  3. veronica says:

    Hola me gustaria q me hicieras el favor de decirme como puedo ver capitulos, estoy en incognita porque no he podido ver ninguno, solamente he visto los cortes en you tobe. Gracias espero me ayudes

  4. Ana says:

    Hola necesito me expliquen de que manera se pueden bajar las tres temporadas ya que solo pude ver los cortes subidos a youtube. Gracias


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