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Mas de 100 Juegos Portables para PC [1 link]

Coleccion de Juegos Portables Parte 1
Tamaño: 2.75GB
Plataforma: PC
Idioma: Inglés
Contiene +100 archivos SFX. Sólo descomprimir y jugar!!
Lista de games:
10 Talismans 10.9Mb
3 Days Zoo Mystery 44.5Mb
7 Wonders II 16.7Mb
7 Wonders 10.8Mb
Academy of Magic 17.6Mb
Acropolis 9.0Mb
AdventureInlaySafari 8.5Mb
Airport Mania 27.2Mb
AirStrike3D 11.9Mb
Alice Greenfingers 3.1Mb
AlienSky 5.9Mb
Aloha TriPeaks 6.5Mb
Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb 35.6Mb
Amelie’s Cafe 44.4Mb
Around the World in 80 Days 40.0Mb
Astrobatics 5.8Mb
Atlantis Quest 31.7Mb
Atomaders 8.3Mb
Babel Deluxe 17.1Mb
Babysitting Mania 30.5Mb
Bejeweled 2 16.7Mb
Belle’s Beauty Boutique 12.7Mb
Big City Adventure San Francisco 21.5Mb
Big City Adventure Sydney 31.5Mb
Big Island Blends 23.8Mb
Big Kahuna Reef 2 12.7Mb
Big Kahuna Reef 6.2Mb
Blackjack 2.1Mb
Blood Ties 43.7Mb
Bookworm Adventures Deluxe 23.3Mb
BookWorm Deluxe 6.2Mb
BounceOut 1.3Mb
BounceOutBlitz 3.9Mb
Build in Time 29.1Mb
Build-a-lot 2 – Town of the Year 52.3Mb
Build-a-lot 3 – Passport to Europe 93.7Mb
Build-a-lot 42.3Mb
Burger Island 33.8Mb
Burger Rush 16.3Mb
Burger Shop 10.7Mb
Cafe Mahjong 24.3Mb
Cake Mania 2 40.0Mb
Call of Atlantis 61.7Mb
Candy 2.6Mb
Cannon Blast 10.0Mb
Caramba Deluxe 14.5Mb
Caribbean Mah Jong 9.6Mb
Casino Island To Go 8.6Mb
Chainz 4.0Mb
Chocolatier – Decadence by Design 24.5Mb
Chocolatier 2 19.3Mb
Chocolatier 18.0Mb
Chuzzle Deluxe 11.4Mb
Combo Chaos 2.5Mb
Cooking Academy 2 81.8Mb
Cradle of Persia 25.5Mb
Cradle of Rome 11.5Mb
Creat A Mall 24.2Mb
Da Vinci’s Secret 15.6Mb
Dairy_Dash_FULL.v1.0.0.78_.zip 15.5Mb
Delicious – Emily’s taste of fame 77.3Mb
Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden 28.2Mb
Delicious 2 Deluxe 22.0Mb
Diamond Detective 14.1Mb
Diner Dash 2 9.3Mb
Diner Dash Flo on the Go 10.4Mb
Diner Dash Hometown Hero 19.5Mb
DragonStone 32.8Mb
Dream Chronicles – The Chosen Child 43.0Mb
Dream Chronicles 2 The Eternal Maze 29.4Mb
Dream Chronicles 16.9Mb
Emerald Tale 10.7Mb
Fab Fashion 23.4Mb
Fairy Treasure 19.0Mb
Family Mystery – The Story of Amy 55.2Mb
Farm Frenzy 16.1Mb
Farm Mania 23.7Mb
Fashion Apprentice 40.0Mb
Fashion Boutique 32.8Mb
Fashion Solitaire 34.1Mb
Feeding Frenzy 2 13.8Mb
FeedingFrenzy 7.0Mb
Fish Tycoon 10.5Mb
Fishdom 33.8Mb
FlipWords 3.4Mb
G.H.O.S.T. Hunters 85.8Mb
Garden Dreams 15.7Mb
GemDrop 1.5Mb
Gutterball 2 13.6Mb
Hammer Heads Deluxe 11.5Mb
Heroes of Hellas 17.6Mb
Hidden Relics 92.1Mb
Hide & Secret 29.9Mb
Holly 2 – Magic Land 36.6Mb
Hotel Mahjong Deluxe 15.6Mb
Hotel Solitaire Deluxe 20.9Mb
Hyperballoid 2 32.5Mb
Insaniquarium 11.7Mb
InSpheration 22.0Mb
Invadazoid 5.7Mb
Jane’s Hotel 17.8Mb
Jane’s Realty 23.6Mb
Jessica’s Cupcake Cafe 58.3Mb
Jewel Match 13.7Mb
Jewel Quest II 25.3Mb
Jewel Quest Solitaire II 28.8Mb
Jojo’s Fashion Show 2 50.5Mb
Jojo’s Fashion Show 29.6Mb
LEGO Chic Boutique 13.0Mb
LetterLinker 1.7Mb
Lifetime RSVP 16.3Mb
Little Shop of Treasures 2 28.9Mb
Luxor 2 16.5Mb
Luxor 3 44.8Mb
Luxor Amun Rising 10.2Mb
Luxor 14.1Mb


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