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David Guetta – Guetta Blaster (Limited Edition)[2010]

Artista: David Guetta
Album: Guetta Blaster (Limited Edition)
Genero: House
Formato: Mp3
Calidad: VBR
Peso: 51.3 MB

Track list:

1. Money
2. Stay
3. The World Is Mine
4. Used To Be The One
5. Time
6. Open Your Eyes
8. In Love With Myself
9. Higher
10. Movement Girl
11. Get Up
12. Last Train

Bonus Tracks [digipak limited edition of Guetta Blaster]

1. Stay Feat. Chris Willis (Remix Edit)
2. Old School Acid Feat. James Perry


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2 Comentarios

  1. nessa says:

    Muchas gracias.
    Este album me encanta!

  2. nessa says:

    pero no se puede descargar, esta roto el link


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