James Blunt – All The Lost Souls (Tour Edition) (2008)

Artista: James Blunt
Álbum: All The Lost Souls (Tour Edition)
Año: 2008
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Género: Folk Rock/Pop/Rock
Tamaño: 62 MB

“1973″ (Blunt, Mark Batson) – 4:40
“One of the Brightest Stars” (Blunt, Steve McEwan) – 3:12
“I’ll Take Everything” (Blunt, Eg White) – 3:05
“Same Mistake” – 4:59
“Carry You Home” (Blunt, Max Martin) – 3:57
“Give Me Some Love” – 3:37
“I Really Want You” – 3:30
“Shine On” – 4:27
“Annie” (Blunt, Jimmy Hogarth) – 3:29
“I Can’t Hear the Music” – 3:45
“1973″ (Acoustic)
“Same Mistake” (Acoustic)
“One of the Brightest Stars” (Acoustic)



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