Sublime – Sublime Greatest Hits 1999

Track listing

1. “What I Got” (from Sublime)
2. “Wrong Way” (from Sublime)
3. “Santeria” (from Sublime)
4. “40 Oz. To Freedom” (from 40 Oz. To Freedom)
5. “Smoke Two Joints” (from 40 Oz. To Freedom)
6. “Date Rape” (from 40 Oz. To Freedom)
7. “Saw Red” (from Robbin’ the Hood)
8. “Badfish” (from 40 Oz. To Freedom)
9. “Doin’ Time” (from Sublime)
10. “Pool Shark” (from Robbin’ the Hood)

Tracks 1-3, 9 first appeared on Sublime.
Tracks 4-6, 8 first appeared on 40 Oz. to Freedom.
Tracks 7, 10 first appeared on Robbin’ the Hood.

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